Athletic Director

“Our goal for the athletics department at EPCA is to build a legacy for our future. I am not just here to build good athletic teams, I am here to build EAGLE pride. I am not here to build players, I am here to help build and encourage GODLY CHARACTER” 

  - Coach Mike Gambill, Athletic Director

Coach Gambill Graduated Sandiego State University in 1990 with a degree in political science. He has over 24 hours for admin through OSU and East Central university and a certificate of christian ministry through Anderson University School of Theology. 

He has spent 5 years as a assistance varsity coach at East Central working with special teams and offense. He was the 7th grade football coach at Edison and spent 4 years with Okmulgee Highschool. He also was the secondary coach with a local women's semi-pro football team. 

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